Best Guinea Pig Hay – Complete Guides & Reviews

Getting to buy food for your guinea pig might seem like any other simple task, especially in the modern world, with the many commercial foods that are being availed. For any farmer who has had to keep pigs for the longest time, you know that the best feed for pigs is fresh hay. The commercial food should just make up a small part of your pig’s daily diet.

Considering how nutritional the pig hay is for your guinea pigs, we shall review the top 5 best guinea pig hay feeds. The grass gets packed with all the nutritious elements that are required; there is the fiber, vitamin c, minerals, and other beneficial vitamins that are an essential part of your pigs’ diet.

    Best Guinea Pig Hay Reviews

With the many types of hay for guinea pigs that are available on the market, it can be tough to pick the right one. The following are the recommended models that you can trust on the market today.

Alfafa King Double Compressed Timothy Hay Pet Food

The Alfafa King Double Compressed Timothy Hay Pet Food is highly ranked when it comes to hay food. The company that produces this hay food that is the Alfafa King is a company run by a family and is in Nevada. Nevada is well known for its high altitude and great climate that is the best for growing hay and harvesting the hay. The hay pet food is naturally produced and is environmentally friendly, making it one of the best hay foods that are perfect for your guinea pigs.

This Alfafa nutrition-rich hay food rich hay food is usually packed in a uniquely made package. This uniquely designed package is specially made for the hay food to keep it fresh and as green, as it was harvested despite the duration it takes before getting to feed it to your guinea pigs. You get assured of a hundred percent natural taste full of necessary nutrients for your pet pigs.

It has an amazingly sweet taste that will be very enticing for your pigs, and they cannot even get enough of the hay. It is perfect for feeding the pigs as an occasional treat with its amazing contents that are high in fiber, low in protein, and gets made of tasty; sun-dried hay grass. This guinea pig hay is usually double compressed to ensure that you always get the best value and nutrients for your pigs.


  • A hundred percent original content.
  • It helps in a healthy digestive tract system.
  • Works great for daily pig feeding.
  • Low in proteins.
  • Very rich in fiber.


  • The grass is quite powdery.

Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets

Any Timothy Hay based hay pet food is always fortified with every required vitamins and mineral. The hay that gets picked has the best consistent sources, and they get highly packed to keep the feed as nutritious as it was during harvesting. The pellets are grind into very tiny batches with the best management and production team. The pellets are then well packed by human hands and not machines to make sure nothing goes wrong and to ensure that your pig gets nothing but the best product. It is an undeniable fact that there is nothing better and healthier for your pig’s health and growth than the best quality hay, which is what Small Pet offers you.

With all the fortified essential vitamins and minerals provided in these pig food pellets, your pig always gets the best nutrition. The pellets are grind into excellent small batches to make sure that the freshness of the food is not lost. There are also larger packages that have been made available for you, and they tend to last a long time. The Small Pet Select Food Pellets is a great option when it comes to supporting the health of the smaller guinea pigs.

To keep your mind at peace, you get assured that these high quality pig food pellets contain no toxic or harmful ingredients. The ingredients, packaging materials, and manufacturing all happens in the USA.  You are highly recommended to feed these pellets with some moderate water, and fresh vegetable amounts to ensure that all the nutrients necessary for growth are available for the pigs.


  • It is fortified with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Grind into small batches that ensure the food is kept fresh.
  • It has a fresh scent.
  • Significant calcium levels that help avoid bladder stones.
  • Guinea pigs tend to enjoy the taste.


  • They have to be complemented with water and vegetables.

Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay Pet Food

For smaller animals, orchard hay makes such a big difference that might at some point not be obvious to you. Having a variety to choose from is something that is always so interesting, so your guinea pet pigs will also find this newly acquired different taste to be enticing. For those guinea pigs that suffer allergies from consuming timothy hay foods, this also serves as one great option.

This hay is grown in Washington, and the climate there favors the growth of this orchard hay. The Small Pet Company specifically chooses the best feed from the fields to acquire the required nutrients. Every hay box package is usually hand-packed for the best results and keen conservation of the fresh orchard hay. This Small Pet Select hay gives you the very much needed nutrients.

Hay is one very essential part of your guinea pigs or rabbit and even chinchilla’s diet. It is considering that most of these small pet animals are usually very picky when it comes to the feeds they want. When it comes to the Small Pet Select Orchard Hay, there is an exception with its soft, green, appealing scent and great taste. It always goes well with small picky pets, and you do not get a hard time feeding them.


  • It provides your pet with a constant fiber supply.
  • It has a tantalizing taste.
  • Ensures that the digestive tract is in great shape.
  • Secure storage with its corrugated box
  • They are packed in small batches.


  • A few pets tend to be allergic to the Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay.

STKYGOOD Rabbit Feeder Bunny Guinea Pig Hay Feeder

This is your perfect choice of hay feeder specifically for your small rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs. For this hay feeder, the layer that is on the upper side is a great rack for your grass, and the part below is a bowl where you pour in the food that is perfect for small animals. The STYKGOOD Rabbit feeder is made to use very safe raw materials without any worries of any damage on the feeder or any harm to your small animals.

The lower layer has an edge that is usually coated in stainless steel material. This is effectively used to keep the small rabbits or other small animals from biting the lower layer. For cleaning purposes your grass rack is usually removable therefore you face no cleaning problems. The feeder has convenient installing system and you do not require any tools where the back lock of the feeder gets to adopt cross fixed screw design.  You can now easily put it to the wire cage and you get to freely adjust to the length.


  • Perfect for small animals
  • Has a nice design
  • Made with safe materials
  • Easy to install


  • Some users don’t find it ideal for guinea pigs

CalPalmy Hay Feeder

This is a specially designed metal grate hay feeder that ensures you do not get to clean up so many messes every day. With this hay feeder, it only means that you get less wastage on hay feeds and no mess always keeping everything clean and fresh for a longer time. The metal grate does a great job when it comes to cleaning off the grass that is by holding the hay in place even when your pets are feeding.

For installation it does not get even take up much of your time it only takes up less than thirty seconds to set it up. You do not require any tools to set up your CalPalmy hay feeder. The screw design mount usually holds on its own strongly and you get to place it anywhere that your pet would like. Also before purchasing this product make sure that it perfectly fits the cage.

It is made with high quality materials that is a hundred percent premium quality, BPA plastic free and it is not toxic. With these great quality make ensures that this tiny animal feeder is robust, durable and perfect for your pets.


  • Easy to install.
  • Less food wastage.
  • No more huge messes that you have to clean up.
  • The hay is kept perfectly intact.
  • Great quality design.


  • You have to lift the spring action place holders while filling the hay.

How to Choose the Best Guinea Pig Hay

Getting to select the best hay for your guinea pig might prove to be quite the distracting factor with too many options. I have broken down the essentials on how to choose the best guinea pig hay.

Soft and leafy

Something about guinea pigs is that they love hay that is soft and very leafy, of course, although it should be a notch lower on the fiber than the stems. Though pigs like flowers and the top hay, the stems are essential in grinding down the pig’s teeth. It should also be pliable with a design that looks like something the sort of grass-like structure. The best proper leaf to stem ratio ensures that your guinea pig is pleased, acquires the best fiber, and gets healthy digestion.

Natural Ingredients

Another vital thing to look at is the balance of all-natural ingredients on the guinea pig hay. The hay that you give your pet pigs should include a hundred percent natural hay. This only means that it should not have any additives or commercial ingredients in it. For the best effect for your pigs and excellent nutritional value, the hay must get delivered in its current state. The hay should have a lovely fresh smell, and it should not be any bit stale. To provide evidence of large amounts of vitamins, the grass is often said that it should be green in color.

Protein Content

The maximum content of proteins this especially for young guinea pigs to be specific those that are four months and below. A high protein intake is also essential for pregnant guinea pig mothers. Buy hay that is rich in proteins and enough of all other natural ingredients for the above-listed group of guinea pigs.


To avoid any respiratory complications for your guinea pigs, it is right to take precaution measures. The fresh hay should be dust-free on delivery. Dust does not in any way favor guinea pigs leading to respiratory issues. Always ensure that that the hay should be dust extracted.


When acquiring guinea pig hay, I advise you to go for the second cut and third cut. The first cut is not precisely as nutritious as you would want it to be for your pigs; therefore, it does not add a lot of nutritional value to the pig. The first cut is what we call in other words, the first harvest which is harvested after winter.

This hay is not as admirable as the second cut and the third cut. It is quite stiffer with its coarse texture. The first cut usually has a high fiber concentration. The second cut and third cut are way softer and more appealing. Compared to the second and third cuts, the first cut has seed heads which are loved by the guinea pigs but are not nutritious. Get the second and third cuts that are more nutritious.


Always be careful to make sure that your guinea pigs nutritional needs are met and by doing so you never have to worry about overfeeding your pigs. Guinea pigs rarely if ever overfeed like most of the other animals therefore you do not have to worry about the guinea pig gaining unnecessary weight.

As long as you ensure that the diet of your guinea pig pet is made up of hay primarily with the essential vitamins and minerals and no unnecessary calories. If you are still on the hunt for the best guinea pig hay feeds you can go ahead and try out any of the hays I have reviewed. All the best.

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