How To Care For Guinea Pig Babies- Easy Way

How To Care For Guinea Pig Babies

Guinea pigs are cute and wonderful animals to keep as a pet. Sometimes called cavies. Its hardy, and simple to maintain a pet that is growing in popularity. Though Guinea pig babies are easy to maintain its important to know how to take care of a newborn baby and keep it happy and healthy.

How can you take your cavy comfortable:

1. Choose the correct cage for your guinea pig baby: It’s important to ensure that the newborn baby of a guinea pig is staying comfortable and secure. For ensuring that at first, you need a cage that is well enough for your guinea pig baby.although your guinea pig might be very small if he/she is a baby. So look for a cage that is at least 7.5 square feet. This will seem large for your cavy but they will appreciate the extra space they will have to run and explore their environment. If you want to take two cavies in one cage then choose a cage which is at least (8-10) square feet. While taking two cavies in the same cage ensure that there have two female or two male cavies stay in the same cage so that they can avoid unexpected pregnancy.Because Guinea pigs can be mating as young as one-month-old.

If your current cage is not large enough then go to the local pet store or buy from the internet what size you want to buy.

2. Get a tray if the case has a wire bottom: it’s uncomfortable for cavy to stay in a cage that has wire bottom. So that your cavy stays comfortable to adjust a tray under the wire cage. This also makes cleaning easier while you cleaning the cage.

3.position the inverted plastic bottle inside the case: Since your Guinea pig is a baby the water bottle should be positioned low in the cage so that the baby drinks water without any trouble. If you take your cavy with your mother then ensure that the mother also faces no trouble while drink. Its better to positioned two bottles inside the case one for baby another one for mother so that they can drink conveniently.

4. Prepare a safe zone in your house: Prepare at least one room for your newborn guinea pig baby. The newborn babies will need to run around. So it’s essential to have a minimum of one room where they can move securely. You have to ensure some things while you prepare a room to set your cavy cage such as:

  • Select a dry and warm room so that cavy can avoid any kind of fungal infection.
  • Set your cavy cage inverse of direct sunlight.
  • Close all the doors so that your cavy doesn’t escape.

Feed for cavies:

Food is very important to get healthy. So This is very important to choose food for your cavies which gives proper nutrition.

1. Buy commercial Guinea pig food: Feed your cavy about 1/8 cup of Guinea food pig daily. Anything that he doesn’t finish removes it so that it doesn’t go bad.

2.Timothy hay: provide an unlimited fresh timothy hay per day. Guinea needs continuous access to hay to aid their digestion and limit the growth of their teeth.

3.Fresh vegetables and fruits: Fresh vegetables and fruits are a big source of nutrition. So it can be good to offer vegetables and fruit once a day. Offer a cup of these greens per can also add some carrots and sweet potato couple of times in a week which can give your cavies extra nutrition.

Keep your cavies clean:                              

Keep your cavy neat and clean. This a golden rule to get healthy for anyone. So if you want to make your pig baby healthy then be careful about his cleanness.

Give bath:

you can easily remove dirt from your pig body by giving him/her a bath. A short-haired pig can be bath a couple of times a week. But a long-haired pig needs bath each day in a week.

Use shampoo:

you can find different kinds of shampoo in the market. But this can be harmful to your pig to use different animal shampoo without permission of before using shampoo take suggestions from the veterinarian. Generally, Rabbit shampoo is safe to pig. Your pig might also need a medicated shampoo if you are bathing your cavy due to skin problems.


Cut your guinea pig nails needed:

Don’t let them get too long.use nail clippers to remove it.


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